Tahmineh's Nightmare

A Work by Soussan Farrokhnia

A multimedia show in Farsi with led screen in English

This story is based on the saga “Rostam and Sohrab”, an ancient epic poem written by the great Persian poet Ferdowsi.

Rostam, the much loved hero of “The Book of Kings”, is seen here engaging in a grand battle which leads to him fighting and killing a much younger hero by the name of Sohrab. Tragically, and unbeknownst to Rostam, Sohrab turns out to be his son.

We hear from Tahmineh (Sohrab’s mother), as she laments the death of her beloved son and directs her frustration and anger at the catastrophic consequences of war.

This work is inspired by, and dedicated to, all the mothers who have lost and who continue to lose their sons and daughters in ongoing battles across the globe.