SIMIN GHAFFARI was born in Tehran, Iran. She began acting when still in High School. After completing several drama courses, she combined working as a hair and fashion model with voice-over work for foreign film.

Then her career as a film actress took off. She played in more than 25 feature films in most of which she played the leading role for the Iranian cinema, including 'Bot','Haris', 'Pashneh Tala' and also starred in coproduction’s with Italian, Indian and Turkish cinema.She also featured in several commercials.

In 1979, she married and left Iran to live with her husband in his native Belgium. Simin is still active and plays roles in several theatre projects in England and other European countries as well as commercials.

Amongst her recent UK projects are: - Stage, as Shirin in ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ (Tour), Saam Theatre Comany, by director Elizabeth Mansfield - Stage, as Maryam in ‘Stand & Tan’ (Tour), Open Clasp Theatre, by director Fiona McPherson - Stage, as Leila (Aribic woman) in ‘Fallujah’, Liminal Space Productions, by director Prav Menon-Johansson - Short Film, as Narinder in ‘Bismallah’, by producer Akik Rahman & director Adam Balcombe - Short Film, as Daria in ‘A Glass of Water, Joka Films, by producer Kea Bahar She is also a member of British Equity & The Spotlight.