Graduated from the Drama Department, Faculty of Arts, at Tehran University in 1977. He has lived in Paris since 1983 working as a director, actor and playwright.
He has his own theatre company, DIS-ARTS. He is a prolific lyricist and composer and has also produced several cultural and theatrical events in Paris, including: RENCONTRE AVEC LE SIMORGH; LE FORMULAIR; LE MONDE ESTRANGE DE MONSIEUR M. In 1995,Manouchehr wrote his first play, LA MYSTERE DE LUSSIE. Many others have followed, including L’HOMME ET LA POMME and LA CHAMBRE D’ENFACE, in Persian and French.
He has worked as an actor in many French productions including LA FAUTE at Theatre de Ma, playing in Paris, Strasbourg, London and Hamburg. Other French/Persian productions include PERDU, by Maki, and his own LE MINIATURE PERSSEN.