"In the name of god the creator of life and wisdom That there is no better thought than that"

I was born on March 1933(1312) in bakhtiar and raised in Tehran. As early as second year of primary school I discovered a taste for literature within myself. I turned to Hafez and passed time with Masnavi and with love for Shahnameh I spent my days listening to Tehranís Shahnameh narrators. Then I met an old serving spiritual advisor by the name of Khaloo who encouraged me to follow the art of narration. And thatís how I started narrating.

Hand of faith brought me to London, where I started narration at Saam House with the help of Soussan Farokhnia. It was here that I realised:

"No kingdom would last for ever Except Art, which is the crown of all beings"

Ghasem Karbalaei