English through Drama Workshops

Do you wish to improve your English but can’t get much from the conventional courses?
Do you get bored in English classes at colleges?
At SAAM we run new forms of English classes which are fun, creative and interesting.
These workshops are designed and run by Sahba Ladjevardi who has studied at the PhD level of Adult Education at the Institute of Education, University of London; and has worked with similar projects for the past ten years.
The aim of these workshops is to persuade its learners to take a play on stage in English.
To do this, we select a play in Persian. We then, translate it sentence by sentence in a group, inviting suggestions, improving the suggestions, deciding on the most correct version, and moving on...
This helps the group to improve their vocabulary and grammar in the process while learning about particular English idioms and expressions.
To participate in our workshops please send an email to: info@saamtheatregroup.com With the subject: English Workshops

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