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'Compote' at Heidelberg Festival

Gholam Al - Boieh

Dear friends,

In response to the invitation made by the Heidelberg’s Second Iranian Theatre Festival which was held in January in Germany, we 'Saam Theatre Group', are determined to participate in the festival with our controversial play called Compote which is a work written by renowned French playwright 'Philippe Gaulier' ( , directed and performed by Soussan Farrokhnia.

This play has been translated by S. Farrokhnia and M.Shafafi (

Gholam Al-Boieh, the manger of this recently established festival which was founded two years ago, is a well-known artist within the Iranian Theatre both in Iran and in exile.

The festival's management, in comparison with last year, had a considerable improvement, as the progress was sensible and promising.

The festival’s manager believes that the dedication received by his associates, Arman Al-Boieh, Azar Salimi and Bavar Ali Pour needs to be mentioned as they were the team who supported him to run the festival professionally.

Gholam Al-Boieh apart from his task as a manager, brought a play on stage called “Khavaran”, written and directed by himself which attracted a lot of attention and proved to be one of the most successful plays in the festival.

Our play “Compote “was also admired by the audience and professionals such as Farhad Majd Abadi and Manouchehr Radin.