I was born in a cold winter night in a matchbox house in 1962. Snow was falling outside and snowflakes were melting away on the windowpane.
My childhood and youth went past like anybody's. Childish mischief, playing in the street...but at the same time I was hungry for reading. In the late 70s, like all my generation I caught the revolution fever. Huffing and puffing we wanted to change the old world and build a new one thus causing a storm. It was in the midst of this storm that I finished high school but it coincided with the closure of universities by the government who was determined to stop students from gathering and staging -and I was still dreaming of building a new world.
Slowly but surely I realized my new world is the world of wads, pen, paper and stage- After finishing the military service I attended Anna drama classes, where I first heard of scientific theatre. Later on, in playwriting classes I learnt how to drive a play forward using dialogues. In 1991 I entered Azaad University to study drama. In my 4 years there I directed 3 of my plays. In 1995 I came to Germany.
During the past 10 years I've written several plays and taken some of them to stage. I have gone a long way and have a long way to go still. I can only travel to the end of this white road of paper with the help of my imagination and words. But I always wonder where the end might be?