Ahmad Nik Azar is a multi-talented artist who has worked in areas as diverse as: photography, playwright, writing screenplays, film making, acting and directing.

He started his experimental work in the field of theatre when he was still a high school student. His first play, ‘Amu Zanjir-Baf’ (Uncle Chain Maker), written by Parviz Bashar-Doost was entered in the competition of educational authorities in Tehran. His co-operation with Parviz led to a long, fruitful friendship between the two.

Another determining point in Nik Azar’s theatrical career was his acquaintance with the great Iranian artist, Hadi Eslami, which in turn led to Ahmad’s future co-operations with Abbas Javanmard, founder of the Iranian National Theatre.

Ahmad’s next step was to set up his own theatrical group with the help of some young theatre lovers. This group staged two plays: ‘Shab-e tavil-e Tolou’ (The Dawn’s Long Night) and ‘Khane-ye Barani’ (The Rainy House), both written by the young, talented writer, Faramarz Talebi.