The Saam Theatre is no longer a Company /register Charity and has merged with LIITFAA (London Independent Iranian Theatre Festival Artists Association)

In 1999 Soussan Farrokhnia, Manouchehr Hosseinpour and Mostafa Shafafi embarked on a theatrical experience inspired by Shahnameh (The book of kings) by Ferdowsi, one the greatest Iranian poets (977 AD). This work was an adaptation of one of the stories in Shahnameh as a play.

(977 AD). This work was an adaptation of one of the stories in Shahnameh as a play. Following this experimental work, Soussan Farrokhnia and Mostafa Shafafi established a company by the name of Saam Ltd. in the year 2000. The name Saam was inspired by the name of Rostama’s father, the main character in Shahnameh (Book of the Kings), with whom Iranians culturally identify.

In 2002 Soussan Farrokhnia, with the help of Mostafa Shafafi decided to create an environment for performing arts. She risked her personal finance to create the studio. Later, Soudabeh Farrokhnia, Javad Shams, Manouchehr Hosseinpour, Elizabeth Mansfield and many others joined her in this endeavour. This is how SAAM HOUSE came to being, brought artists and drama lovers together and inspired many in the field of dramatic arts.

Despite its great success, SAAM HOUSE had to be closed down in 2005 because it was located in a residential area. However, this did not stop us from pursuing our dream. We continued to work and to produce; although we now had to use other venues such as the Arts Depot in North of London.

We are currently working by the name of: SAAM THEATRE COMPANY, are registered as a charity in the UK (Charity Reg. No: 112 3873) as well as a limited company (Company No: 634 68 19).

As before, Soussan Farrokhnia continues to manage the company as the CEO AND Artistic Director.

Our current Board of Trustees consists of:

1. Elizabeth Mansfield (Chairperson)
2. Stephan Thomas Trafford (Vice Chair)
3. Saied Mashoof (Treasurer)
4. Azita Bajelvand
5. Rozita Gharavi

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